Ready To Ship - Hand Stretch Wrap

Get your work or projects done faster with the help of our ready-to-ship hand stretch wrap that is sent to you the very same day you place your order. 

  • Pre-stretched film reduces material waste and costs while increasing productivity and worker safety 
  • Variety of different gauges available, starting at 30-gauge stretch film up to 120-gauge hand stretch wrap 
  • Sold in larger skid lots and smaller case lots to accommodate all needs 
  • Can be used with multiple kinds of load types 
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Our ready-to-ship hand stretch wrap boasts premium durability and convenience. No matter which type of hand stretch film you need, order it today and it will ship out to you in practically no time at all. This is a great choice for smaller operations who prefer to wrap their pallets manually or who don’t have enough space for an automated machine stretch wrapper. We offer both cast stretch film and blown stretch wrap, as well as pre-stretched options and colored stretch film. Some are even equipped with an extended core to make it easier to apply your wrap by hand.

Here at Sarkina, we understand that you may need different sizes or styles of hand stretch wrap, even for just one warehouse. That’s just part of the reason why we offer such a diverse range of ready-to-ship stretch film choices. You can choose from anywhere between 30-gauge all the way up to 120-gauge stretch, and we even carry budget-friendly hybrid stretch film. Better yet, you get to select from either case or skid lots of our ready-to-ship hand stretch wrap film to accommodate shipping and packaging operations of all sizes.