Drum Liners

An effective and easy method for managing waste, drum liners are available in many sizes and styles.

  • Round bottom, flat bottom, molded, anti-static, rigid, and many more styles available
  • When done using, tie the top of the bag closed and discard
  • Sizes range from 15 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons

Drum liners are an excellent solution for quick waste management, as you simply tie off the bag and discard when full. Plastic drum liners are available in multiple styles, including high-density and low-density poly material. We care a wide selection of drum liners, including round bottom liners, flat bottom liners, molded poly liners, and anti-static drum liners. Our drum liners are available from 15 to 55 gallon sizes, as well as multiple thicknesses up to a fully rigid liner.