VCI Flat Bags

VCI flat poly bags help prevent rust and corrosion when storing metal products. 

  • Allows for clean, safe, and easy rust prevention
  • Great for packaging similar products quickly and effectively
  • No wrapping necessary, Simply place product directly into the bag
  • Transparent bags allow products to be identified, inventoried and picked without the need to open up the package
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Designed to hold metal hardware, parts, and goods, VCI flat bags help prevent rust and corrosion. They are sealed at the bottom with an open top to quickly slide products inside. Once your item is in, you can close the bag with a twist tie, tape, or heat. Even when fully closed, you’ll be able to easily recognize the products within for fast organization and identification. 

VCI flat bags are offered in many different dimensions. The smallest is just 3 x 5 inches in size, while the largest comes in at 36 x 48 inches. This makes our VCI layflat bags convenient for a wide variety of different metal-based goods, especially as they are between 3-4 mils thick, which is ideal for medium-duty and bulky products.