Honeycomb Sheets/Pads

Honeycomb sheets are used flat between pallets for superior cushioning strength. 

  • Constructed from compressed paper that is lightweight, yet durable
  • Can be cut easily with a knife and used as void fill
  • An eco-friendly product that is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable


Min order: 1 Skid
Starting at: $627.60 PER Skid

Pricing Tiers:

Min 100 PCS - Max 13500 PCS

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$627.60 Per Pad - 1 1 Bundle /100 Pads
$608.77 Per Pad - 2 1 Bundle /100 Pads
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1 Skid $627.60
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Honeycomb sheets, also called honeycomb pads, are a durable, eco-friendly way to protect your products. Simply layer them in between each row of palletized goods to safeguard your items against the damage that can come along with strapping, knives, boxcutters, or forklifts. Better yet, you’ll feel good about using this packaging material, as honeycomb sheets are completely recyclable and fully biodegradable. You can even cut them up with a knife to create environmentally friendly void fill to stuff inside your boxes. 

One major advantage to using honeycomb sheets and honeycomb pads is their lightweight nature. You won’t break your back simply attempting to lift one onto the pallet, which means that the overall pallet will also be lighter than if you used a different interleaving material. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice durability just to achieve this lightweight status. Honeycomb pads and honeycomb sheets still offer premium strength and protection to all of your palletized goods.