Corrugated Sheets and Pads

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets and pads are a great way to layer your pallets and heavy objects for extra protection when they need it most. 

  • Help to disperse weight evenly across pallets 
  • Pads are sized to fit the most popular box sizes 
  • Protect products from box cutters, knives, forklift damage, and scissors
  • Provide added durability for stacked items  

When you need to interleave your pallets and protect the items stacked on them, look no further than corrugated sheets and pads. These handy tools are a convenient way to add security and keep your palletized goods safe from forklift damage, box cutters, knives, and other harm.  

Corrugated sheets are made up of a material called fiberboard, which consists of fluted corrugation that is placed between two or three flat sheets of linerboard. To understand further, flutes are the waves or ridges you see in the middle of a piece of cardboard and linerboard sheets are the inner and outer walls of corrugated material.  

When three sheets of linerboard are in place, it is called double-wall corrugation. Double-wall corrugated sheets and pads are a heavy-duty tool that are a great method for stacking and layering your bulkiest and heaviest pallets or products. They are made from 275-lb. DW/ECT-48 Kraft corrugated material and protect goods from forklift damage, strapping pressure, and more. 

We are proud to carry such a wide range of choices when it comes to corrugated sheets and pads. We offer many different options to suit your business or warehouse’s specific needs, including single-wall corrugated sheets, double-wall corrugated sheets, honeycomb pads and sheets, and corrugated layer pads.