Heavy Duty Boxes

Heavy-Duty Single and Double Wall Boxes

Heavy-duty boxes provide twice the protection of a standard carton.

  • Made from durable double- or single-walled corrugated kraft material
  • Ideal for packaging large, heavyweight items or bulky products
  • Stored and shipped flat to reduce shipping costs and minimize necessary storage space
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    Heavy-duty corrugated boxes are an easy and effective solution for storing and shipping your heavyweight goods. These durable shipping boxes are constructed from either single- or double-wall corrugated Kraft material that can withstand a variety of impacts when used correctly. This means that our heavy-duty boxes are ideal for packaging large, bulky products or items that are especially heavy. In order to save shipping costs and reduce storage space, each bundle of boxes is shipped to you laid flat. 

    All of our heavy-duty shipping boxes are classified as ECT-48. This means they offer outstanding compression and stacking strength. To accommodate a wide variety of applications, we carry a wide range of different sizes, from 9” x 9” x 6.5” at the smallest and all the way up to 36” x 36” x 36” at the largest. Each bundle of heavy-duty boxes comes with anywhere from five to twenty-five boxes included and the more bundles you purchase at the same time, the more money you save. Utilize heavy-duty corrugated shipping boxes for your products that require the most durability.