Foam rolls and padding provide a convenient, durable cushion to your products while they are in transit or storage.

  • Foam in any form of it can be used with an incredible range of different products 
  • The lightweight material does not add much to the weight of your item, which keeps your shipping cost down 
  • Made from durable polyethylene that easily conforms to your product’s shape and absorbs impacts 
  • Available in rolls, sheets, and egg crate format which can be cut to size, rolls with easy tear perforations, pouches, pre-cut sheets, or packed in handy dispenser boxes 

Foam rolls and padding are a lightweight, yet durable, material that are used to protect many different items at all points of the shipping and handling processes. Because this material is so light and airy, it easily conforms to the product it is wrapped around. During transit, it absorbs shocks and impacts in order to prevent damage to the item it covers.  

Our foam void fill materials are made from polyethylene, which is incredibly versatile and strong. In addition to absorbing impacts, it can also prevent scratches and blemishes on the surface of delicate items. On top of all this, polyethylene foam is moisture resistant and can help to stop the damage that may occur along with condensation.  

Foam is best suited to small, lightweight, and delicate goods that are easily breakable or susceptible to damage from scratches. It is non-abrasive and available in many different styles. You can purchase your foam in large rolls that can be cut to the precise size you need, which is an excellent option for those that ship a variety of goods. Otherwise, you can buy perforated foam rolls that are easy to tear, pre-cut foam sheets, anti-static foam rolls, foam pouches, or foam sheets that are packaged in a convenient dispenser box.