Trash Liners

High and Low Density Can Liners are available in various sizes and gauge configurations, so there’s bound to be one that’s just right for your needs. Choose from Standard, Heavy or Extra Heavy weight, all matched to standard can sizes.

how to measure can liners

Measuring Can Liners for Round Containers

1. Container Circumference = Diameter x 3.14

2. Bag Width = Container Circumference divided by 2, + 1” for a looser fit.

3. Bag Length = Container Height + Container Diameter + 5” for an overhang.

Container Size: 12” D x 30” L
Bag Size: 20” W x 47” L

how to measure bin liners

Measuring Bin Liners for Large Gusseted Bags

*Note that depth is the shorter of the 2 sides.

1. Bag Width = Box width + 1”

2. Bag Depth = Box Depth + 1”

3. Bag Length = Box Height + Box Depth + 1”

Container Size: 18” W x 12” D x 14” L
Bag Size: 19” W x 13” D x 32” L

Trash can liners are a common variety of plastic bag that are essential to any home or business. We offer an immense variety of plastic trash bags in order to meet a wide range of needs. You have your choice of standard garbage bags, heavy-duty trash liners, and extra heavyweight bin liners that will all work with standard size garbage cans. These versatile tools can be used in many different settings, including homes, office buildings, retail stores, and much more. 

Sarkina proudly offers trash bags and garbage can liners for industrial applications, economy use, and flexible drums. These are available in both high- and low-density polyethylene material for premium durability. Many are packaged on rolls for quick dispensing or in easy-to-access dispenser boxes. We carry plastic trash liner options to suit garbage cans as small as four gallons and as large as 60 gallons.