Header Pak Bags

header pak poly bags

Header Pak® Bags

Constructed of Low Density Polyethylene.
Packaged on a convenient header with perforations for easy tear off.

  • Excellent for a line or work station to speed up manual packaging operations.
  • Chipboard header holds bags securely in place for fast filling.
  • Perforated lip for easy tear-off.

header pak stand
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Header Pak bags make packaging goods incredibly easy and efficient, especially when working with bulk quantities. Each set of bags is placed onto a chipboard header and the individual bags are all perforated along the top. This makes your process very quick. All you need to do is tear off your bag, place an object inside, seal the top, and you’re ready to go. 

We are happy to offer a variety of Header Pak bag sizes to accommodate your needs, from 3 x 5 inches at the smallest to 10 x 12 inches at the largest. All sizes are designed to be used with Saddle Pack stands, which hold each bundle firmly in place while they work in tandem with the chipboard top. The bags themselves are constructed from durable low-density polyethylene that prominently shows off your items and keeps them safe from dust, dirt, moisture, and more.