Colored Flat Bags

colored poly bags

Flat Colored Poly Bags

Colored flat bags are basic plastic bags that can be used to code inventory, parts, and supplies for easy recognition.

  • Commonly used bags for a wide variety of applications
  • Raw materials are approved for use as direct food contact packaging
  • Close bags with staples, twist ties, bag tape or with impulse heat sealers

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    Colored flat poly bags are a great way to store items and keep them organized with ease. Choose from a wide range of color options, including green poly bags, red plastic bags, blue plastic bags, orange poly bags, white plastic bags, and grey poly bags. Each is constructed from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene and provides a durable enclosure for anything from small parts to food products. 

    All options meet FDA requirements for food storage, as well as LP-378 standards. Our flat colored plastic bags are each 1.5 mil thick and bottom sealed. This means they offer long-lasting protection against harmful elements like dust, moisture, debris, and more. To keep them closed entirely, simply seal the top with a twist tie, bag tape, staples, or an impulse heat sealer for the ultimate security