Wet Pack Grocery Bags

Wet pack bags are an item that retail and take out customers appreciate, because they isolate cold and/or wet items and help protect other dry items in the same bag from damage. 

  • Packaged in easy dispensing counter packs
  • Sizes correspond to conventional paper bags sizes
  • Isolates cold or wet items and prevents damage to other items
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Wet pack grocery bags are specially designed to separate wet or cold items from dry or warm goods. This helps to keep your food products exactly as you want them – the cold food stays chilly and the hot food remains warm at first bite. As a retailer, all you need to do is place your wet or cold goods into the wet pack bag, which will then go into a larger bag or container with the rest of the customer’s items. 

We carry convenient wet pack grocery bag sizes that are made to fit conventional paper bag dimensions for your ease of use. Each bundle of bags is packaged into dispenser cartons that are simple and quick to access. The individual bags are constructed out of durable, white, high-density polyethylene material that meets FDA specifications for food-grade storage. Use our wet pack grocery bags for cold sandwiches, deli meats, cheeses, and much more.