Pallet Covers

Pallet covers, which can double as a bin liner or gusseted bag, are important tools for keeping your palletized products safe from harm. They do an excellent job preventing dust, debris, moisture, and more from reaching the valuable goods underneath. In the long term, they are an inexpensive method to save you money by stopping costly damage.  

Sarkina is proud to carry a wide variety of pallet covers, pallet top sheeting, and black pallet top covers that help block out UVI. No matter which best suits your needs, we offer a diverse range of sizes to accommodate your specific application. These durable plastic pallet covers are a great way to protect your items during storage, whether you keep them in your warehouse or elsewhere.  

Commercial operations will find that these convenient plastic covers do double duty as bin and gaylord liners. They act as oversized gusseted bags and can be used inside practically any kind of bin, including trash or storage. We carry sizes as thin as 1 mil for your lightweight needs and as thick as 4 mil for your heavy-duty applications.