Pallet Top Sheeting

pallet top cover - top sheeting

Pallet top sheeting is used to protect items from dirt, dust, and moisture during storage and shipping. Also known as Pallet Toppers.

  • Available in black, white, or clear, depending on light sensitivity
  • Great for protecting products from dust and dirt in warehouse environments
  • Packaged on rolls with perforations for easy tear off
  • Most sheets are packaged on a 3 inch core

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    Pallet top covers, also frequently referred to as pallet top sheeting or pallet toppers, are a great tool that help keep dustdirt, and moisture off your palletized products. Use them in your warehouse or other storage environment when you need to safeguard your goods against harmful elements or light rays.  Because they fit so well on top of your pallets, they also work very well for interleaving. 

    To accommodate your individual needs, the thicknesses of our pallet toppers range from 1 mil to 3 mil and the durable plastic is puncture resistant. All of our pallet top sheeting provides three times the impact and twice as much tensile strength of the average low-density polyethylene plastic. Many of our pallet top cover options are sold as perforated plastic sheeting for easy tearing.