Bun Pan Covers


Bun Pan and Rack Covers

These bun pan covers and rack covers protect and improve the quality of baked goods in the food service industry.

  • Available in high-density or low-density materials
  • Sized to fit common application needs
  • Keeps products fresh and helps extend shelf life
  • Packaged on rolls for easy storage and use
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    Bun rack and pan covers are an easy way to protect your baked goods from dust, debris, and more. All you need to do is place the durable plastic cover over your pan or rack and it will help to maintain the freshness of your products in order to extend their shelf life as much as possible. Each cover is made from either high- or low-density plastic material that is both cost-effective and dependable. 

    No matter if you have one single tray of bagels or 10 fully packed racks of bread, our bakery rack and pan covers are the ideal solution for keeping freshness (and some great smells!). These sturdy plastic covers all meet FDA requirements for food-grade applications and are packaged on rolls or in flat dispenser cartons for your convenience. We have a few different dimensions available and each is specifically made to fit the most common sizes of bun pans and racks.