Static Shielding Bags

Static Sheild Bags

Static Shielding Poly Bags

Designed to provide static protection for ESD sensitive electronic devices.

  • Multi-layer protection guards against charges
  • Perfect for sensitive electronics
  • Offers an unlimited shelf life
  • WARNING: This product is intended for commercial use only. This product is not on the Qualified Product Listing under the Defense Standardization Program.

Static shielding poly bags are an ideal packaging solution for ESD-sensitive electronic items. They have multiple layers in order to stop static from reaching the device that resides within. Better yet, these static shielding plastic bags offer a never-ending shelf life, meaning you can keep them for as long as necessary. 

Please note that our static shielding poly bags are only intended for commercial use. The Defense Standardization Program has not included them as a Qualified Product Listing. Find all of the static shielding plastic bags you need and more from Sarkina.