Natural Plastic Sheeting

Natural plastic sheeting is a specialty type of Construction & Agriculture film, which is more commonly referred to as C&A film. Natural sheeting is manufactured with an additive called G30, which gives the plastic twice as much impact strength than a standard roll of C&A film. In addition to this incredible advantage, natural plastic film also offers exceptional tear strength and a lower carbon footprint than comparable conventional sheets of plastic.  

Each set of natural plastic sheeting is shipped to you in convenient rolls. This allows easy access and use. Just open the box, take your natural sheeting out, and you’ll be ready to go right away. On top of the low carbon footprint, these plastic rolls are also constructed with natural colors and created with 100% renewable energy, making this an environmentally-friendly tool that you can always feel good about.  

We carry a wide range of different sizes and styles of natural plastic sheeting. You can choose from three different mil thicknesses, including 2 mil natural sheeting, 4 mil plastic film, and 6 mil natural plastic sheets. No matter which mil size will work best for your specific needs, you’ll receive a natural plastic film that prevents dust, dirt, moisture, and other harmful elements from damaging the surfaces and materials they cover. Choose natural plastic sheeting for an eco-conscious, durable, and effective protection tool that can be used in a variety of applications.