Surface Protection Films

protection film

These premium surface protection films cover and prevent damage to marble, metal, wood, and plastic surfaces.

  • Offers high durability and puncture resistance for strong protection
  • Paired with a water-based acrylic adhesive that's safe to use on many surfaces
  • Won't leave any residue behind after clean up
  • Can be reverse wound onto the core for effortless application

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    Surface protection films are an effective solution for safeguarding nearly any type of material you can think of. Use them to protect wood flooring, carpets, marble, granite, windows, and much, much more. No matter what you choose to cover, your surfaces will be protected against a variety of harmful elements like dirt, moisture, dust, or worse. Each roll of surface film includes a water-based adhesive that is safe to use on most materials and helps the plastic stay securely in place. Better yet, this adhesive doesn’t leave behind any sticky or unsightly residue after you remove the sheeting.  

    We offer a diverse range of plastic surface protection films with many sizes available. You can select between rolls as short as 100 feet in length or as long as 500 feet, with width options ranging from 24 to 36 inches. All of our surface protection plastic rolls can be reverse wound, which makes application and use incredibly easy. Safeguard your construction sites, your household carpet, or your vehicle upholstery against paint spills, water damage, and beyond with the help of plastic surface protection films.