Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers are versatile tools that make applying tape to cartons, bags, and a variety of other items both easy and efficient. 

  • Options for low- and high-volume operations 
  • Choose from manual or automatic tape dispensers 
  • Fit wide range of styles, sizes, and rolls of different tapes 
  • Some dispensers are equipped with a tape cutter for the ultimate convenience 

No matter how large or small your packaging operation may be, our range of tape dispensers are standing by to make your work faster and more convenient. Practically every company will require tape at some point, whether you need to seal a box, close a bag, or something entirely different. With the help of a tape dispenser, this task is made much more efficient and allows your team to get the job done quickly and focus on other important areas.  

Sarkina carries a wide range of tape dispensers to suit your specific needs. These include hand-held tape dispensers for low-volume applications. Each boasts an ergonomic handle and a retractable safety blade. Water-activated Kraft tape dispensers are ideal for any Kraft tape, as they require a special dispenser to wet the tape and make the adhesive effective. These work very well in demanding environments and fit multiple sizes. Our automatic tape dispensers easily enhance your crew’s productivity and often come with an adjustable cutting length and bag sealers for extra convenience. Lastly, Tach-It tape dispensers are well suited to many different settings, as some can be used by hand and others can be placed on top of a desk or workstation.  

Whichever type of tape dispenser works best for your situation, Sarkina is sure to have it. Along with our large lineup of tape dispensers, we also carry an impressive variety of tape itself to fit inside your dispenser. Check out all of your options online or contact us today for extra assistance.  

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