Hang Hole Bags

hang hole reclosable poly bag

Hang Hole Reclosable Poly Bags

  • Hang holes at the top of the bag allow for perfect product presentation
  • Bags can be hung from racks or tied to equipment and machinery
  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any application
  • Ideal for storing small parts, food items, or accessories
hang hole reclosable poly bag
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Perfect for displays and fast product identification, hang hole reclosable poly bags are incredibly versatile. When you need to show off your goods to customers, simply hang them from a display or rack. They also work phenomenally for warehouses that need to identify products or label machinery, as they can be hung from or tied to equipment and shelves. 

Each of our convenient hang hole reclosable plastic bags is made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene resin with a reinforced, side-welded zipper closure at the top. These work together to provide outstanding durability and to keep dust, dirt, moisture, and more from damaging your items. We carry both 2 mil and 4 mil thicknesses, with sizes ranging anywhere from 2-inches wide by 3-inches tall up to 12-inches wide by 15-inches tall.