Extended Core Hand Stretch Wrap


Extended core stretch wrap eliminates the need for a dispenser by providing you with an easy to grip extended core.

  • Features and easy to use extended core for better grip
  • Economical alternative to tape, wire, and other materials
  • Film adheres to itself without any adhesives or glue
  • The included core or handle is disposable
  • Hybrid stretch wraps are thinner films that offer the same level of strength as their equivalent gauge for a fraction of the cost

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    Our rolls of extended core hand stretch wrap are equipped with a built-in, disposable dispenser for the ultimate convenience. Unlike other hand stretch films that require a dispenser to place them on pallets, these simply feature an extra-long center core that can be gripped from either end, making application quick and effective with no additional tools needed. We offer multiple roll sizes, ranging from 700-feet long up to 1,000-feet long, and each is 20-inches wide. Choose from either 80-gauge, 115-gauge, or 120-gauge extended core hand stretch film as well.

    Each roll of extended core hand stretch wrap features durable film that adheres to itself without the assistance of tape or glue. Better yet, you can use it in place of more expensive unitizing materials like wire or tape. These durable rolls of clear extended core hand stretch film are highly durable and offer incredible tear resistance, making them an excellent choice to wrap your pallets and keep your products safe through every step of the packaging, shipping, and handling processes.