Retail Bags


Retail and merchandise bags enhance your customers' experience by giving them a convenient way to carry their recent purchases.

  • Available in multiple sizes and styles for a variety of applications.
  • Conveniently packed and stored for quick use.
  • Most bags are designed to breakdown faster than ordinary plastic.
  • Manufacturered with or without die cut handles.
  • Retail bags are an easy and effective way to improve the customer experience in your store or through your website. Because we carry so many different sizes and styles of plastic retail bags, you’re certain to find an option that suits your specific application. Choose from retail bags with high-strength die-cut handles, classic t-shirt bags that will accommodate a variety of products and are easy to carry, convenient merchandise bags without handles for quick and effective storage, or clear plastic bags with suffocation warnings and vent holes for premium safety.  

    No matter which retail bag you select, they will come packed onto rolls or in handy dispenser cartons for fast access. You’ll also be able to feel good about your purchase. Many of our retail bags are specially designed with Controlled Life technology that allows the plastic to break down when exposed to sunlight, heat, rain, or other outdoor elements for extended periods of time, but they remain full recyclable along with regular HDPE material.  

    All retail bags are made from incredibly durable and strong plastic that can withstand the average wear and tear of a storefront operation and then some. They allow both you and your customers to easily package and transport a variety of goods and look great while doing it. We have a wide range of different plastic retail bags in many colors, sizes, and styles for your needs.