Mini Stretch Wrap

Mini stretch wrap bundles are a safe and effective way to unitize your items and keep them together for extended periods of time. Simply grip the convenient handle, apply the end of the film to your product, and start wrapping. Once you’ve applied enough layers, all you need to do is stick it to itself. After you’re done using the mini stretch film and remove it, you’ll be thrilled to find that no sticky or unpleasant residue is left behind on your goods. Hand-held mini stretch wrap is quiet, clear, and incredibly easy to use.  

We offer a variety of different kinds of mini stretch wrap film, as well as helpful dispensers to make application even quicker. Your options include master stretch film, which gives you wide coverage and has an available hybrid gauge, anti-static stretch for protecting electronics, bundle film for low volume applications, and mini stretch wrap for oddly shaped loads and items. No matter which option you prefer, these mini stretch wrap film bundles are great ways to safely transport or store small groups of items.