Opaque Stretch Wrap


Opaque Hand Stretch Film

Opaque stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping pallets or unitized loads that need to be hidden to protect against tampering or theft.

  • Offers strong puncture and tear resistance
  • Provides excellent cling for added stabilization
  • Works well in temperatures down to -5° F
  • Use 80 Gauge for loads up to 2500 lbs.

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    Opaque stretch wrap film is the ideal choice for companies who want to block their products from either sunlight or prying eyes. Multiple colors are available and allow you to completely cover your palletized goods from the outside world. Additionally, they can even help you create a convenient and affordable organization system for pallets that are stored in your warehouse or that need to be loaded on different trucks. Choose from many different sizes, colors, and styles to suit your individual requirements, including rolls as small as 1,000 feet and as long as 6,000 feet.

    Not only does opaque stretch wrap help you keep your products safe from tampering, but it also works beautifully during the actual transportation process. This durable variety of stretch film gives all of your loads extra stability as they travel from Point A to Point B and can even perform at its best when temperatures are as cold as –5-degrees F. Opaque stretch wrap film comes in both hand and machine grades, making it a great choice for any kind of operation, and boasts outstanding tear and puncture resistance.