Dura Skrim Plastic Sheeting


Dura skrim films are accordion folded and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time saving installation.

Common Applications Include:

  • Erosion control covers
  • Lead and asbestos abatement
  • Remediation liners and covers
  • Temporary walls
  • Commercial and residential construction

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    Heavy-duty dura skrim plastic sheeting is an essential tool for construction and beyond. These durable plastic sheets consist of a layer of high-strength polyethylene that is reinforced with another layer of polyester skrimmaking them incrediblresistant to rips, tears, and punctures. Because of these premium qualities, dura skrim plastic sheeting is an excellent choice for heavy-duty use, including applications like construction, agriculture, landscaping, and more.

    To suit your specific needs, we carry a wide range of dura skrim sheeting. At minimum, you’ll get poly sheeting that is at least 6 mils thick and 10 mils thick at maximum. You can also choose between white, black, or clear sheeting, with rolls as small as 50-feet long or as large as 800-feet long. Use whichever size dura skrim plastic sheeting works best for things like erosion control, lead abatement, as a temporary wall, and much, much more.