Glue Sticks & Slugs


Hot Melt Glues and Slugs

Hot melt adhesives are formulated to provide specific tack, viscosity, and peel adhesion.

  • Different formulas for various applications, including carton sealing and temporary attachment
  • Use to bond paper, plastic, wood, metal, and more
  • Available in multiple formats, such as sticks or slugs

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    Our hot melt adhesives are specially designed to achieve particular results that make them stick precisely the way you need. We offer a variety of formulas, each with their own specific best application, such as fabrication, carton sealing, sampling, and much more.  

    You have your choice of glue sticks, glue slugs, crush pellets, glue pillows, and glue blocks. From temporary bonding to permanent sealing, our hot adhesives work on paper, plastic, wood, metal, and more and produce outstanding results.