3M Strapping Tapes

3M strapping tapes

Strapping Tapes from 3M

3M strapping tapes are specifically designed for reinforcing, bundling, and strapping applications.

  • Specifically formulated to adhere to most surfaces
  • Resists tearing, breaking, abrasion, moisture, and scuffs
  • Removes cleanly and resists stains on common surfaces
  • Provides high tensile strength for long lasting hold
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    3M™ Strapping Tapes have reinforcements of tensilized polypropylene, polyester yarn or glass yarn filaments, with a variety of tensile strengths and adhesive types, including: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, modified synthetic rubber and clean removal. Strapping tape is ideal for strapping, palletizing, bundling, holding, attaching, reinforcing, securing and other general purpose applications.