Anti-Static Convoluted Foam Sets

Used to line boxes and provide extra security during transit, anti-static convoluted foam sets are used to protect many varieties of items. 

  • Keep valuable products safely in place within a box during shipment 
  • Can be used for electronics or other high-value items like guns, knives, swords, and collectibles 
  • Protect goods from electrostatic charges 


Min order: 1 Set
Starting at: $6.35 PER Set

Pricing Tiers:

Min 100 PCS - Max 13500 PCS

Close X
$6.35 Per Pad - 1 1 Bundle /100 Pads
$6.16 Per Pad - 5 1 Bundle /100 Pads
$5.97 Per Pad - 10 1 Bundle /100 Pads
$5.72 Per Pad - 20 1 Bundle /100 Pads
Price Qty
1 Set $6.35
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Save yourself the headache when it comes to shipping valuables. Anti-static convoluted foam sets not only protect electronic goods from electrostatic charges, but also keep your high-value products more secure. They provide extra cushioning so that everything stays in place as it should while in transit. 

Sarkina is proud to carry pink anti-static convoluted foam sets for your convenience and peace of mind. Place them in shipping boxes when you mail out important or delicate materials, such as knives, collectibles, guns, precision tools, and more.