Wicketed Poly Bags

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Wicket Bags

Wicketed poly bags are designed to speed up manual bagging processes where items are being packaged in a line or at workstations.

  • Bags feature two holes where a wire wicket is inserted
  • Generally provided in groupings to reduce downtime
  • Meet FDA and USDA specifications
  • High clarity offers excellent product presentation
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Wicketed poly bags, also called wicket bags or manual bagging bags, make it easy to package goods while on a line or from a workstation. They’re equipped with two holes at the top where you can insert a wire wicket. When a large bundle is placed onto the wicket, it’s simple and quick to pull off one at a time, place your item inside, seal the top, and go. We carry a variety of dimensions to suit a wide range of applications and needs.

All of our wicketed poly bags are approved by the FDA and USDA for food grade storage. Choose from bread bags, greens bags, and more. The crystal clear 100% virgin low-density polyethylene material beautifully displays your products to attract customers. Some plastic wicket bags offer a convenient reclosable top, while others can be sealed using tape, staples, twist ties, or heat for the ultimate durability.