Newspaper Bags

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Newspaper Poly Bags

  • Ideal for promotional marketing materials such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, and catalogs
  • Protects products from dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Optional hang holes allow for placement on doorknobs or stands
  • Clear poly material allows for excellent product presentation
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Though they are most commonly referred to as newspaper bags, these versatile plastic bags are a great method for packaging a variety of materials, including flyers, advertisements, catalogues, and magazines. No matter what you place inside, the durable plastic material keeps dirt, dust, moisture, and more from harming your items. Each bag is constructed from high-clarity polypropylene that works hard to stop foreign objects from getting in while also clearly showing off the promotional goods that rest inside.

Each bundle of plastic newspaper bags is packaged on a convenient chipboard header and the individual bag includes a perforation along the top. This means you can easily tear off the bags one-by-one and then place your newspaper or other material inside before delivery. It works especially well for those who package and distribute large quantities. Additionally, some newspaper bags are equipped with a hang hole at the top to allow you to place them directly onto a recipient’s doorknob.