Water Activated Kraft Tape

Kraft Tape

Reinforced Kraft Box Sealing Tape

Water-activated kraft tape bonds instantly to all corrugated carton surfaces and generates an immediate, tamper-evident seal.

  • Fiberglass yarns are strategically bonded between sheets of paper for incredible strength
  • Kraft tape offers excellent flexibility for sealing around corners and irregular surfaces
  • Water-activated tapes are not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures

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    Water-activated kraft tape provides high-quality bonds on all corrugated carton surfaces. These durable adhesives are designed to last and are incredibly easy to apply with the help of a manual or automatic tape dispenser. The dispenser simply wets the tape and it gives you a powerful stick with just one layer. Each strip of water-activated tape is reinforced with fiberglass yarns that are strategically placed between each sheet of paper. This gives the tape both outstanding strength and exceptional flexibility to wrap around corners and angles. 

    Our water-activated kraft paper tape is offered in mil sizes as thin as 5.5 mils and as thick as 7.9 mils. You can also select between tapes between 2- and 3-inches wide, as well as up to 600-feet long. No matter which tape dimensions you prefer, each roll of water-activated paper tape can withstand extreme temperatures and will maintain its integrity in both high heat and chilling cold. Each case of water-activated kraft paper tape comes with anywhere from six to twenty-four rolls and the more cases you buy at the same time, the lower your price will go.