Poly Bag Sealers

Hand Sealer Impulse

Thermal Impulse Heat Sealers

Heat sealers provide an excellent method of closure for poly bags that is durable and tamper-proof.

  • Tabletop and hand poly bag sealers with no warmup required
  • Foot operated sealers are ideal for sealing thicker materials, including some tubes
  • Thermal heat sealers provide a strong and effective method of closure
  • Heat sealers are able to close 3 to 4 packages per minute
  • It can occasionally be tricky to quickly and securely seal your poly bags and tubes, but this process is made much more effective with the help of a poly bag sealer. We carry a wide range of poly tube and bag sealers that provide a fast and durable closure at either end of your plastic. They can be operated by either hand or foot and use heat to create a strong seal to protect the items inside. 

    For thicker bags, we recommend our foot-operated poly bag sealers. They perform beautifully, while our tabletop or hand-operated plastic bag sealers work very well for your thinner options and don’t require any pre-warmups. For the ultimate ease of use, we even offer a wide range of choices that are equipped with a helpful cutter for your poly tubing. Whether you opt for an impulse poly bag sealer or foot-operated plastic bag sealer, you’ll receive a long-lasting and highly protective closure on your bags.