Tesa Cloth Tapes

Tesa cloth tapes

Cloth tapes are ideal products for temporary repair applications. They can bond to rough surfaces and be removed quickly and cleanly after use.

  • Suited for long-term interior and exterior applications
  • Abrasion resistant and waterproof for added protection
  • Available in Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow and Silver
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    Adhesive filament and strapping tapes with reinforced backings that render heavy duty strapping and bundling performance. Strong and flexible holding power you can rely on.

    A filament adhesive tape consists for the most part of a strong carrier, like PET (polyethylene / polyester) fitted with a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive which can be a synthetic rubber adhesive or acrylic adhesive. Fiberglass filaments or polyester filaments are laminated to the film and by this incorporated into the material to support tear-resistance, Fiberglass filaments are one of the most important construction materials in use.

    The high-performance strapping tape is weatherproof, non-aging and resistant against many chemicals. It is best used with a hand dispenser and can be removed after application without any residue remaining. tesa Filament and strapping tapes are suitable for many applications including:

    • Transport securing; securing pallets
    • Securing loose parts during delivery or storage of electric devices (washing machines, fridge, freezers, dishwashers)
    • Protection of edges
    • Reinforcing plastic elements
    • Packaging heavy and bulky cardboard boxes
    • Sealing hazardous materials