Strapping Tape


Strapping and Bundling Tapes

Strapping tapes are ideal for securing or bundling items together and can be used to reinforce the tops of pallet loads.

  • Reinforced with different materials to provide high tensile strength
  • Can be found in multiple sizes and styles depending on your application
  • Available in multiple colors for inventory management

  • Strapping tape, which is also called filament tape, is an excellent choice to bundle and secure groups of items. It offers a high-strength bond that keeps your loose goods held together when you need it most. In addition to this, strapping tape can also be used as pallet top reinforcement during both shipping and storage. To suit your needs, we carry many different styles of strapping tape, including options from worldwide leaders in the tape industry, 3M and tesa. Choose from colors like black, white, orange, and more to give yourself a simple and effective inventory management system.  

    Strapping tape and filament tape are a great choice for a wide range of applications. Use them not just for bundling, but also for splicing, belting, coil tabbing, and beyond. Whenever you use 3M strapping tape, tesa strapping tape, or any other variety of filament tape, you’ll be able to securely hold your items for long periods of time. This is thanks in part to the high-strength fiberglass and polyester filament reinforcements woven into each roll of strapping tape.