Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton and Box Sealing Tape

These packaging tapes are designed for secure box and carton closures during shipping and storage.

  • Hot melt packaging tape has a higher adhesive character
  • Acrylic packaging tape is ideal for long-term storage because it resists yellowing
  • Both acrylic and hot melt carton sealing tapes are comparable in price
  • Choose from both premium and economical grades of both tapes
  • Our impressive lineup of carton sealing tape, sometimes referred to as box sealing tape, offers a wide range of options that are all great choices for giving your boxes and containers secure closures. Whether your goods are in storage, being handled by others, or making their way to their final destination on the back of a delivery truck, these high-strength adhesives will assist in keeping them safe from harm at all times. We carry many different options in order to suit a wide variety of applications, including hot melt tape, natural rubber tape, acrylic tape, and PVC tape. 

    Each of these varieties of carton sealing tape offers its own unique advantages. When working with hot melt tape, you get an adhesive with smooth release and outstanding tensile strength. Meanwhile, hand- and machine-grade acrylic tape is a great choice for use in extreme temperatures without sacrificing its impressive durability. You can also select natural rubber tapes for excellent performance on recycled cartons, while PVC tape works beautifully on all varieties of corrugated and cardboard material. Whichever type of carton sealing tape you prefer, each choice will provide long-lasting, durable box closures.