Medical Poly Bags

Polybags for medical use are specially made for a wide variety of hospitals, treatment centers, care facilities, and home applications.  

  • Many different colors, pre-printed messages, styles, and sizes to choose from
  • Two- and three-wall construction medical poly bags available 
  • Clearly marked symbols and text to display what type of contents are inside the bag 
  • Options for biohazardous materials, light-sensitive medications, patient belongings, and much more 

Medical poly bags are a convenient and necessary tool for many different hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other care facilities. No matter your application, we carry a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Those that display messages or images are clearly labeled so there’s no confusion when transporting hazardous materials or specimens. They come in many colors that are bright and eye catching.  

Sarkina provides options of varying construction as well. Choose between high- or low-density plastic bags or two and three wall construction poly bags. Better yet, look into our tamper-evident specimen bags to determine when any contents have been altered. Those that don’t need bags specifically made for hazardous or biohazardous material but still need an effective option for linens or other goods will appreciate our patient care and home equipment bags. 

We offer a diverse range of medical bags to accommodate many different needs and uses throughout the healthcare industry. When you shop with Sarkina, you’ll find biohazard bags, specimen bags, biohazard liners, pre-printed medical bags, drawstring poly bags, amber reclosable bags for light-sensitive medications, specialty pharmacy bags, patient care bags, bags for home medical equipment, and environmental services bags.