Strapping Seals and Buckles


These strapping seals are designed to eliminate pre-threading while providing strong holding power for steel, polypropylene, and polyester strapping.

  • Available in multiple styles, including snap-on, open-flange, push-type, nestack, and more
  • May be manufactured with or without a grit coating for added tension
  • Pair seals with the correct sealer for tight, professional strapping joints
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    Strapping seals and buckles are made to be used with all kinds of metal and plastic strapping. They provide durable and long-lasting closures to the two ends of your strap in order to keep your products secure on their pallet. To suit a wide variety of individual needs, we carry many different types of strapping seals and buckles, such as snap-on strapping seals, open flange seals, push-type strap seals, nestack seals, and more. For additional tension, you can also select seals with a grit coating. 

    These high-quality strapping seals are one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your strapping together. Better yet, they pair beautifully with one of our many manual strapping sealer tools or with one of our battery-powered combination or sealing devices. Different strapping buckles and seals are also designed to fit straps of all widths and lengths, making our diverse lineup a great choice for all kinds of businesses or operations.