Fromm Combination Strapping Tools



Fromm combination tools feature ergonomic designs with adjustable features to
help you master your plastic strapping applications.

  • Tension, cut, and seal the strapping for you
  • Use weld joint technology to join strap ends for a tight seal
  • Work with polyester and polypropylene strapping
  • Use powerful Li-Ion battery technology

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    Fromm combination strapping tools are either manually operated or battery powered, highly efficient, and make it easy to apply plastic strapping. They are specifically designed to work with polypropylene or polyester strapping and fit straps as wide as 1 ¼ inches and as thick as .060 inches. Should you select a battery powered tool, you have your choice of either a semi-automatic, fully automatic, or pneumatic machine.

    Many of our Fromm combination strapping tools do not require a seal and utilize friction joint weld technology to pair the two strap ends and create an incredibly tight seal. These versatile plastic strapping tools provide tight holds and run on powerful Li-Ion batteries to do so. Better yet, each Fromm combination strapping tool is ergonomically designed and well balanced for a comfortable hold, no matter how many straps you need to apply in a short amount of time.