Baling Wire


Galvanized baling wire can be used for a variety of both agricultural and industrial purposes.

  • Manufactured to specifications for hand-tie baling applications
  • Easy to bend, feed, and tie
  • 10 to 15-gauge available for your application
  • 125 or 250 pieces per bundle
  • Lengths up to 24 feet
  • Galvanized or annealed finish
  • Single or double loop

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    Baling wire is specifically made with agricultural and industrial uses in mind. It is highly durable, but still incredibly operator friendly and can be quickly hand tied when necessary. You’ll find premium ease of use when it comes to bending, feeding, and tying this galvanized wire. Better yet, we carry a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate all kinds of applications. 

    Choose from baling wire gauges that range between 9-18, as well as lengths as small as four inches and as long as 1,700 feet. Our baling wire comes in either a black or metallic color and can include as many as 5,000 ties per bundle. Among its many advantageous features, baling wire is known to provide both strength and elongation properties. It comes in annealed or galvanized finishes, as well as either a single or double loop.