Nylon Strapping

Nylon Plastic Strapping

Nylon strapping exhibits the best impact strength and abrasion resistance of any other strapping product.

  • Able to recover tension and contract to accommodate a shrinking load

  • Provides additional elongation under impact to avoid breakage

  • Can be heat sealed, friction welded, or joined with scored metal or grit seals

  • Highly cost effective for strapping operations

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Nylon strapping is a strong and cost-effective variety of plastic strap. It offers outstanding impact strength and abrasion resistance – in fact, it is better than all other types of strapping when it comes to these qualities. On top of these premium advantages, nylon plastic strapping also has the ability to contract and recover tension, which means that it can accommodate shrinking loads. During impacts and breakage, it can even give you added elongation so that it doesn’t snap or harm your goods.

You’ll quickly find that nylon strapping is both easy to use and highly effective. It can be secured to your palletized loads through heat seals, friction welding, or with the help of either metal or grit seals. Many operations enjoy these excellent benefits, as well as its affordability and impressive capability in cold temperatures. Choose from either embossed or smooth strapping, as well as between ½-inch or ¾-inch wide strap. Nylon plastic strapping offers break strengths ranging from 1,000 lbs. all the way up to 2,100 lbs.