Cord Strapping

cord starpping

Polyester cord strapping is a viable alternative to steel strapping for heavy-duty applications. It offers excellent resistance to moisture and is frequently used in outdoor applications.

  • Commonly used for lumber containment, agricultural bracing, and boat holding
  • Strap can be secured using buckles and seals or it can be hand tied
  • For heavier applications of cord strapping, use metal buckles and tensioners
  • Three types of cord strapping are available, including woven cord, bonded cord, and composite cord

  • Cord strapping provides excellent memory and elongation to accommodate shocks and impacts. It has been used as an alternative to steel strapping for many years, especially when applied by hand due to its smooth edges. Whether you need the stiffness of composite cord or the durability of woven cord, this type of strapping can provide a safer working environment by eliminating the many hazards of steel strapping. Plus, the softer, non-abrasive texture of cord strapping prevents it from damaging more sensitive products or packaging. Cord strapping also has a higher resistance to mositure, which makes it an ideal solution for many outdoor strapping applications.

    Types of Cord Strapping:

    Bonded cord strapping is used to bundle and secure products for transport. It is commonly seen in landscaping, printing, baling, and automotive industries. Bonded cord strapping is sometimes referred to as non-woven cord strapping.

    Woven cord strapping provides bi-directional strength and high split resistance, which is needed in heavier applications. This cost-effective bundling or securing method is an ideal solution for medium to heavy loads. Woven cord strapping is used frequently in metal and plastics industries, and it is commonly used to secure items traveling by railcar.

    Composite cord strapping is made from polyester fibers that are coated with clear polypropylene. This additional coating provides more moisture protection, as well as improved longevity when used with loads that require strapping to be threaded under pallets or through metal buckles.