Polyester Strapping


Polyester strapping is a cost-effective alternative to steel strapping for heavy-duty applications.

  • Provides exceptional strength for impressive load holding capabilities
  • Offers a high elongation for superior impact control
  • Improves worker safety compared to steel, which is often difficult to work with
  • Retains tension better than any other strapping material
  • Polyester strapping is the strongest plastic strap available and provides a much safer alternative to steel strapping. It offers outstanding retained tension over long periods of time, as well as exceptional recovery capability, both of which help it to absorb harsh impacts without breaking. Most often, we see polyester strapping used in heavy-duty applications that require high initial tension from the get-go and great retained tension throughout the shipping and handling processes. 

    Not only is polyester strapping much safer to use than steel strapping, but it also costs much less. It can be applied by hand with the help of a manual or battery-powered strapping tool or through the use of a convenient automatic strapping machine. We carry both machine grade and hand grade polyester strapping for your convenience, as well as a variety of tools to help put it in place. Polyester strapping gives you incredible strength, high elongation, and incredible impact control.