Pre-Stretched Wrap

Pre-stretched stretch wrap is somewhat self-explanatory. It is a variety of stretch film that, before you purchase it, has been stretched very near to its final breaking point. After this initial stretch, it is wound onto a core that you as an end user are able to purchase. This process creates a lightweight film that is easy to handle and apply, but is still just as durable as the standard stretch wrap you might be used to.  

Everyone loves to save money and the clearest advantage to pre-stretched plastic film is that it helps you do just that. Because pre-stretched plastic cling film is thinner than your average stretch wrap, you can use less material to achieve the same result. Additionally, your employees won’t need to pre-stretch it themselves, saving valuable time that can be better spent elsewhere.  

When your team spends their time pre-stretching traditional plastic film, it’s necessary for them to move backwards as they carry a heavy plastic wrap roll. This can easily end in trips or falls that are dangerous, harmful, and costly for everyone involved. Pre-stretched plastic wrap requires no backwards movement and, because it is much lighter, maneuvering it around a pallet or load is easier and safer.  

Overall, pre-stretched plastic film wrap offers enhanced performance and increased safety. As we stated in one of our recent blog posts, “not only will you reap the benefits of cost savings and improved performance, but you’ll also be improving the lives of your employees. It’s a win-win situation all around.” Check out even more information right here.