Color Machine Stretch Wrap


Color-Tinted Machine Stretch Wrap Film

Manage multiple palletized loads with different colored machine stretch for easy identification on the warehouse floor.

  • Tamperproof film shows evidence of theft
  • Easy to use for product and transit coding
  • Provides an improved appearance for marketing and branding

  • Colored machine stretch wrap is essential for operations that need to organize and identify their palletized loads while in the warehouse. This opaque stretch wrap comes in five distinct colors – black stretch film, green stretch wrap, orange stretch wrap, red stretch film, and yellow stretch wrap. No matter which color (or colors!) you prefer, this machine stretch film is a versatile tool that streamlines your in-house processes. All of the five options allow you to efficiently label your products while they’re on the pallet, meaning that when it comes time to store them in the warehouse or get them loaded onto the truck, your team won’t waste time trying to find the items they need.  

    In addition to creating a convenient organization system, color machine stretch film offers many other outstanding benefits. As a tamperproof stretch film, you’ll easily be able to see any evidence of theft or interference with your pallet or products. It even functions as an affordable and simple marketing tool. Use colors that complement your brand to wrap all of your pallets and create a clean, refined look each time your products are sent out into the world.  

    Color machine stretch wrap film is a straightforward and cost-effective method to organize your warehouse and identify your palletized loads, among many other advantages. Use green stretch film on pallets that contain new products, while the black machine stretch wrap can cover used goods. No matter what kind of organization system you need, colored machine stretch wrap is an exceptional tool to get the job done.