Machine Stretch Wrap Rolls


This type of stretch wrap film is designed to work with automatic palletizing and unitizing machines.

  • Provides faster and more efficient wrapping capabilities
  • Can produce tighter and safer loads than hand application
  • Available in cast or blown, as well as colored
  • Offers reduced packaging costs

  • Machine stretch wrap is designed to integrate seamlessly into automatic and semi-automatic stretch film machines. This type of stretch film allows larger operations to quickly unitize products as they sit on a pallet in order to send high quantities of goods out the door more quickly. Machine stretch film is secure, safe, and can reduce overall costs.  

    There are three main varieties of machine stretch wrap film – blown machine stretch film, cast machine stretch wrap, and engineered machine stretch wrap film. All are economical, highly durable, and assist in expediting your unitizing and palletizing methods.  

    Machine grade blown stretch wrap is an excellent option for those who require outstanding puncture and tear resistance. This means that if you frequently ship pallets with odd angles and sharp corners, this is an ideal choice for you. When blown stretch film is wrapped onto a pallet with a machine, it boasts remarkable load-holding abilities, as well as exceptional cling. While it offers many advantages, blown plastic stretch wrap has a cloudy appearance that is difficult to read labels through and tends to be more expensive than other stretch film options.  

    Cast machine grade stretch wrap is a versatile, multi-use choice that is well-suited to general pallet wrapping applications. Because of its impressively high clarity, users can read any labels or information on the boxes or products underneath, making inventory management and organization much more efficient. This industrial plastic cling film boasts a quiet unwind and can be stretched as much as 250%. It is less expensive than its blown film counterpart, but has a higher chance of shifting throughout transit and lower tear resistance.  

    Those that utilize high-speed stretch wrap machines should consider using engineered machine stretch film rolls. It features a one-sided cling that sticks easily to itself for incredibly secure load containment and performance. Better yet, engineered machine stretch wrap uses as much as 30% less plastic than other machine stretch films, which means you can take advantage of long term savings.  

    No matter which kind of machine grade stretch wrap film best meets your needs, Sarkina is standing by to help you with a diverse range of options.