Hand Stretch Wrap Film

hand stretch film

Hand stretch wrap is commonly used to unitize pallet loads, but also may be used for wrapping smaller items together.

Clear residue-free cast hand stretch film stretches up to 100%, which contributes to its excellent resistance against tearing.

Our stretch film wraps are also available from 60 gauge to 120 gauge for various load types.

Pallet Load Types

When you ship out only a few pallets each day or only need to unitize a minimal number of products, hand stretch wrap film is ideal for your operation. It’s easily applied through stretch wrap dispensers and you can choose between blown and cast stretch wrap, as well as pre-stretched film, colored plastic wrap, and much more.  

Hand stretch wrap is a variety of plastic stretch film that must be applied to pallets or products manually, rather than with a machine. Beginning at the base of the load, an individual tightly winds the plastic cling film around the products until they reach the top. Multiple layers of stretch film are often necessary, especially on a pallet that remains unsteady after applying the base layer. Many people choose to expedite this process with the help of a manual stretch wrap dispenser.  

One of your top considerations when purchasing hand stretch film is whether your work will be better served by cast stretch wrap or blown film. The primary difference between the two comes in how they are manufactured, but there are a few important distinctions in how they perform as well. Cast stretch film is clearer, quieter, and offers a natural cling for a more secure stick to your products. On the other hand, blown stretch wrap provides excellent holding power, durability, and tear resistance. We recommend checking out this helpful explainer on the two varieties for more in depth information.  

Another factor to contemplate as you weigh your options is whether or not you’d like your plastic wrap rolls to be pre-stretched. When the stretch wrap has already been extended as far as it’s able, the actual manual wrapping process moves much faster. It also reduces the total amount of plastic wrap you use while improving worker safety at the same time.  

While many consumers stick to clear stretch wrap, colored stretch film offers a unique array of benefits. Opaque stretch wrap completely covers the products underneath, making it a great choice for those worried about theft or tampering. On the other hand, color-tinted stretch film allows you to see the items it holds. This way, it can be utilized as a quick and convenient inventory management tool or it can serve as an easy and affordable branding method.