High Clarity Poly Sheeting

Multi-Purpose, High-Clarity Plastic Sheeting

  • Made from virgin resins for premium durability
  • Extremely high clarity allows you to easily see and quickly identify products
  • Can be used as a vapor barrier
  • Covers windows, greenhouses, farms, construction sites, interior walls, and much more


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High-clarity poly sheeting provides durable protection to your goods while also allowing you to quickly identify the products underneath. It is manufactured using 100% virgin poly resins, which means you get outstanding strength and long-lasting protection. These resins are also what create such impressively high clarity in each sheet. Because of this, you and anyone else will be able to see the items you’re protecting with ease, meaning you can organize and identify your products exactly as you need without having to repeatedly remove the plastic sheeting.

High-clarity poly sheets are a great way to cover pallets, safeguard windows, construct greenhouse walls, protect construction equipment or sites, and much, much more. They can even be used as vapor barriers in a variety of settings. To suit your individual needs, we carry a wide range of options for you to select from, and you’ll save money on each roll if you purchase multiple at the same timeChoose high-clarity plastic sheeting for a premium protective tool that will safeguard your items from dust, moisture, debris, and beyond.