Clear Poly Sheeting

Clear Plastic Poly Sheeting

Clear poly sheeting is ideal for protecting products when you want high visibility for quick identification.

  • Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses
  • Great for covering equipment or other sensitive materials
  • Great for surface protection and painting
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To help clarify what type of usage each mil thickness could be used with, take a look at the list below:

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Plastic sheeting, also known as poly sheeting, visqueen, or plastic sheets, is a large sheet of plastic used for wrapping. There are many benefits to plastic sheeting with many industries and applications for each. Visqueen is a brand of polyethylene sheeting that is typically LDPE (Low-density polyethylene).


Gloss: The film's surface reflection of light. The degree of sheen of the surface.
Haze: The degree of cloudiness of the film. Indicates how clearly an object can be seen through the film.
Opaque: Film that inhibits light transmission. The opposite of transparent.
Tint: Tiny voids in the film, enabling water, air, etc. to pass through the film.
Translucent: A film that permits the transmission of light. Clear, transparent.


Film: Sheeting having a nominal thickness not greater than .010 inch (10 mil).
Tolerance: A specified allowance for deviations in weighing, measuring, etc
Mil: One-thousandth of an inch (the higher the number the thicker the sheet).
Density: Weight per volume
Ream: 500 sheets, 2' x 3'. Equivalent is 3,000 sq. ft. or 432,000 sq. in
Basis Weight: The weight, in pounds, of 1 ream of film. Will vary on density and thickness.
Yield: The square inches of film yielded per pound. Will vary on density and thickness.