Air Pillow Machines

air pillow machines

Air pillow machines create void fill and cushioning material on-demand for a number of packaging applications.

  • Space saving machines for crowded warehouses
  • Ideal for small to medium packaging needs
  • Some machines allow for the production of cushions in a variety of shapes

  • Air pillow machines are a quick and practical method used to fill inflatable film. They take up minimal space, which means that they are an effective tool even for the smallest home ecommerce businesses or retail shops. Simply place the machine, which will be completely ready to go when it arrives, on a tabletop or in another convenient area and you’re all set.

    Air pillow machines work efficiently and can produce void fill for as many as 150 to 500 packages each day. Some of these devices can also create pillows of different shapes to accommodate the needs of nearly any shipping operation.