Air Pillows (Inflatable Film)


Air pillow film is compact and convenient, allowing you to protect packages effectively without sacrificing warehouse space.

  • Designed to work with air pillow machines for a variety of applications.
  • Create multiple styles of void fill material, including bubble, air pillows, and air cushions.
  • Quick disposal with a one-step deflation process.
  • Economical compared to other protective packaging options.


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    Air pillows, also known as inflatable film, are a popular and affordable variety of void fill. They take up very little space and are easily inflated with a compact air pillow machine or convenient air cushion machine. To protect the goods inside of your packages, all you need to do is place the inflated pillow into your box. It then helps to prevent knocks, vibrations, and other harmful effects from damaging your valuables within. 

    When your customer opens their box, they’ll see these air pillows immediately and know they are purchasing from a seller who genuinely cares about both their products and their clients. Additionally, they can easily deflate and toss out the air cushions protecting their purchase, which isn’t as simple with many other protective packaging supplies.