Steel Strapping Cutters

steel strapping cutter

Remove steel strapping at the desired length with a handy cutter that's lightweight and easy to use.

  • Conveniently cut metal strapping for a number of industrial and commercial applications
  • These tools offer the safest way to cut steel strapping at the right length
  • Each cutter offers a different working range of strapping dimensions

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    With the help of steel strapping cutters, you’ll be able to size your metal strap to the precise length you need. Steel strapping is used across a wide variety of industries and is an important tool for containing and palletizing heavy-duty, commercial goods. These durable and convenient metal strapping cutters allow you to safely achieve the exact length you need in order to provide the most secure hold possible on your pallets and products. 

    Each of these tools, and you can choose from either manual or battery-powered steel strapping cutters, offers a different working range of metal strap dimensions. They fit steel straps as small as 3/8-inches wide all the way to 2-inches wide, as well as between .015- and .057-inches thick. All of these metal strapping cutters are lightweight and ergonomic, making your job easier and more efficient.